Nameless is a magazine style podcast bridging science, mysticism and the human experience. Every other week we go in-depth on a theme, one topic and discover its many possible meanings though timeless wisdom, stories, sound, poetry and the realm of dreams.


Join us as we deconstruct what we have been told and question why we believe what we believe? As Mark Twain said: what you don’t know won’t hurt you near as much as what you do know that t’aint true”


Each episode we explore the scientific basis for things felt but unseen and investigate how the latest in scientific research from epi genetic to quantum mechanics affect our human condition. Come along with us as we expand what science has to say about the divine spark that resides in every human heart.


Nameless comes to you from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Meet our creators and co-hosts below.



Co-host and co-producer for Nameless, Amin has always been inspired to follow an innate curiosity. That interest in discovery has led him to travel, both geographically and intellectually, and ultimately explore the boundless wonders of the human heart through the portal of Sufi studies. Amin has professional experience as a journalist, photographer, cook, and preschool teacher, as well as a motion picture and audiobook producer. He is a father and grandfather and resides in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. His personal mission, through our podcast and in life, is to expand his capacity to listen to his intuition

and act on it.



Co-host and co-producer for Nameless, Julie Rackow was given information about her future at about age 10. She was to understand there would be a way to “get all these ideas, vision and words into a thing” that would allow her to manipulate them as desired. A formally trained photographer, she has worked in digital media production for over 20 years, always with the intent of working for the greater good. She has lived in multiple states and cities, and has been on a path of self-exploration and expansion ever since she read Jeddu Krisnamurti at 23.

Our dedicated team of light workers:

Cheryl Ray, Randell Burkhart, Carol B., Yocelyn Riojas, John Rowley, Elise Brianne, and Rain Juvoli.


Voice Over acting talent for the Listening In segment by Jasna Brown, Teresa Langston, John Bellemer or Rain Juvoli

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